Welcome to the Rabbinical Council of New England

The Rabbinical Council of New England, is the oldest continually operational group of Rabbis on the eastern seaboard. We are responsible for the certification of Kosher food, the Beis Din of Greater Boston (Jewish ecclesiastical court), and many other aspects pertaining to Jewish life throughout the New England region. Together we strengthen our Jewish community in unity.

Our History


Beis Din / Rabbinical Court

The Beis Din hears and resolves cases involving all aspects of Jewish law, and in particular financial disputes. It responds to all queries related to the practice and theory of our way of life. It issues Gittin (Jewish Divorces), certificates of Geirus (conversions), and Teudat Ravakut (certificates attesting to the status of the Jewish person) which are internationally recognized, and accepted by the Israeli Rabbinate.


KVH Kosher

The KVH is one of the top 10 kosher certification agencies in North America. We are also one of the oldest organizations, excelling in both large manufacturing facilities, and food service - both locally and throughout the world.


The Community Council

The Community Council meets periodically to address the needs of the Jewish communities throughout New England. By the nature of our lose charter, we are able to serve the community in many ways, and for many years to come.


Our Community

The New England Jewish Community is proud to provide a full array of Community Institutions.

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